Here is some useful information that will help you become familiar with the look and feel of NH EASY.
The following topics are covered in detail:
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Browser Compatibility

NH EASY will work with most commonly used internet browsers, but it is designed to work best with Internet Explorer 7 or above. It has also been tested and works with the following browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

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Other Common Buttons

There are also other buttons that you can use while working in NH EASY:

  You see these buttons on the "Summary" pages in the application. Summary pages show you what information you entered about each household member. If you want to go back and change some information, select the ‘Edit’ button. If you want to get rid of the information you entered for a household member, use the ‘Delete’ button.

  All of the application screens have a ‘Print’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select this button to print a copy of the information on the page.

  All of the application screens also have a ‘Help’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select ‘Help’ if you have a question about what we are asking or if you do not know how to answer a question.

  Select this symbol to get popup help with a specific question. Usually this help gives you examples of what the question is looking for, such as types of income or assets.

  This button is only used in the "Do I Qualify?" tool. It activates a special online calculator so you can easily enter information about your income and assets. The calculator that appears when you enter income will convert whatever you enter into a monthly amount, no matter how often you are actually paid.

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Links and Other Informational Items

At the top and bottom of every screen, you will find links to useful information:

  This is our "Logo." Wherever you are in NH EASY, selecting the logo will take you back to the Home page. It works just like the ’Exit‘ button.

  Selecting this link will take you to the webpage for the Department of Health and Human Services.

  Selecting this link will also take you back to the Login page.

  You will begin seeing this link once you have completed the "Start" page of the application. Selecting it will take you to your personal account home page.

  Select this link to logout of NH EASY. It is a good idea to do this whenever you are leaving the NH EASY website, especially if you are using a computer that could be used by someone else.

  Next to this are 3 letter A‘s of different sizes. Selecting different ones will change the size of the text on your screen. Selecting the smallest A will always change the text back to the normal size.

  On every page you will see your unique Application number.

  The progress bar shows you how close you are to being done.

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Answering Questions in NH EASY

To help make NH EASY simple to use, we‘ve included several different ways that you can provide answers to the questions we ask:

Dropdowns contain a list of the acceptable answers to the question. To see the full dropdown list, point your mouse at the down arrow and press the left mouse button.

Check boxes are also used for some questions. To check a box, you can use the ‘Tab’ key to move through the boxes to the choice you want, then select the ‘Space Bar’. You can also point your mouse at the box you want to check, then press the left mouse key. Remember, you can check more than one box.

Text Fields
Some of the questions can be answered by typing the information in a text field. For example, you can type the information when you are asked for an individual‘s name, or a dollar amount, such as how much someone earns in salary per week. Another example is when the dropdown or checkbox list includes the choice "Other". Choosing that will cause a text field to appear on the screen, where you can type in your answer.

Red Asterisks
In the examples above, did you notice the red asterisks? On most screens in NH EASY, you will see some information fields marked with a red asterisk (*). This means an answer is required. NH EASY will not let you go to the next screen until you have completed at least all the fields on the screen marked with a red asterisk(*).

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Web Accessibility

It is the policy of The State of New Hampshire that all webpages confirm to Section 508 (of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) standards. Therefore, the NH EASY application has been built and tested to comply with these standards. Section 508 establishes only a minimum standard for accessibility and where possible, the NH EASY application strives to meet additional accessibility priorities as listed by the W3C‘s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Additional Accessibility Resources

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